Performance Art

dissociation station in need of translation


it's shorter this time

m. sunshine (2018)

m. sunshine was performed during the opening reception of "MOTHA (Museum of Transgender Hirstory and Art) Presents: The Veil of Veronica" at Handwerker Gallery in Ithaca, NY on March 22, 2018. Featured performers: Emily Babin, Ezgi Irmakkesen, x rance. Created and conceived by x rance.

pansy routines (2018)

performance video screened originally at TRANS IS MAGICK (brooklyn, ny)

in the orange light, i look like you (2017)

tw/cw: racism, minstrelsy, clowns, blackface/brownface, cultural appropriation, (neo)nazism, trypophobia, teeth, ants

saved live stream from "in the orange light, i look like you" installation ft. original voice over

in the orange light, i look like you (2017) spins its title from Tarell Alvin McCraney’s In the Moonlight, Black Boys Look Blue. This piece combines performance and installation in the intimate space of my temporary apartment in Bushwick. Though I am only here for a semester, I have found ways to make this space feel like mine, and somewhat of a home; though I am still on the quest to find a place that I can genuinely call home. Both the apartment and my bedroom are eclectic. While this reflects the personalities of the inhabitants of this space, it also creates a specific environment, atmosphere, aura, and ambience which all work together to create the void of a magic reality. This installation explores an indefinite number of themes and ideas. Some ideas and themes that I have consciously noted include: the performativity of “getting ready”, the phenomenon of GWRM (Get Ready with Me) YouTube, triggers and anxiety, blackness, queerness, (a)gender [identity] and performativity, youth, “postmodernism”, consciousness/unconsciousness/double consciousness, self-care, radicalness, intersectionality, marginalization in the US, and private vs. public space.