Marketing/Communications associate

In this role, the associate will be responsible for creating, planning, and executing marketing strategies. The associate will also work closely with the Web Designer in creating the brand for the YTF Collective. Candidates should be familiar with marketing and communications basics, social media platforms, graphic design, brand strategy, and ad content. Hours may range from 2-10 a week.


Development Associate

The associate will be tasked with seeking various funding such as grants and awards. They will also track the fees and prices of activities, performances, and opportunities by the collective and strategize plans for reimbursement or artist compensation. The associate will also assist in the forming of an LLC and organizing the necessary paperwork for legal purposes. Hours may range from 2-5 a week.


Literary Associate

The associate will be responsible for reading, researching, and analyzing documents, essays, and more for the CFO. Candidates must have a passion for reading and critical analysis with a repertoire of material to share with the YTF Collective as it pertains to their sociological art and cultural creations. The associate will also proofread and copywrite as needed. Hours may range from 3-15 a week.

Web designer

The web designer will be responsible for implementing the YTF Collective brand and design from Your They Friend to a new website. The designer will collaborate with the Marketing/Communications Associate for graphic design and a unifying voice. The designer will create the website, communicate with the Development Associate with any foreseen costs, and update the website periodically. Candidates must be familiar and proficient in CSS, Java, and HTML. Hours may range from 5-20 a week.

Booking Agent

The booking agent will be responsible for scouting prospective venues, booking events/tours/exhibitions, and dealing with the logistics of upcoming performances/exhibitions/installations. Candidates must be comfortable speaking over the phone and via email. The associate will know and support the YTF Collective brand and mission, with the ability to pitch the YTF Collective to prospective curators, organizations, and venues. The associate will scout opportunities in Washington D.C., New York, Virginia, and more. Candidates with previous booking experience preferred. Hours may range from 1-5 a week.