your they friend (noun): 

1. a person who is unapologetically black, trans, queer, and slightly above "average"
2. wannabe art school dropout
3. is either trying really hard or giving up for the sake of self-care

white supremacy and the toxicity of whiteness has led to the catastrophic destruction, colonization, and oppression of people across the globe. by existing, i challenge whiteness. by creating art that expresses my psychiatric disability, reclaims my politicized agender-black-soft body, and makes my private life public, i hope to make the world and life more tolerable and survivable for me and other marginalized folx. i do not create for cis/het/white/rich/able-bodied/neurotypical/bigoted/ people. discovering painting was quite a surprise to me. i found that I really appreciate and enjoy the way i see color and my impulse is to paint in expressionism with impasto. i rely on the thickness, pigments, and color mixing of paint to help me create my portraits. self-portraits became very interesting to me with consideration of my transness, agender identity, transition, and expression/presentation. i have had many journeys and discoveries and my face, clothing, and hair tell those different parts of my story thus far. i have recently entered the astral witchy realm of my artistic voice. my artistic process as an independent maker and choreographer has shifted. i am tapping into the grotesque, the taboo, the black, and the queer through heightened aesthetics. my work aims to present a state of mind/mood/atmosphere. it’s visceral. it’s painful. it’s the innerworkings of my complex mind and lived experiences.